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Dan Block has been Plying & Diving the Great Lakes of Michigan for years. His love for Michigan and the Lakes that surround it is almost spiritual.


Diving & Abyss Dive Charters L.L.C.
(2/91 - Present)

Tri-Mix Diver (NAUI)
(8/01 - present)

3rd Technical level dive certification using 100% oxygen for decompression, Helium/Oxygen/Nitrogen mix for bottom gas, and 100% oxygen for decompression. Some nitrox is used.

Technical Nitrox Diver IANTD
(7/01 - present)

2nd Technical level dive certification using 100% oxygen for decompression and nitrox mix up to 50 oxygen/50 nitrogen as a travel gas. Air is used on bottom.

Deep Air Diver IANTD
(6/99 - present)

1st Technical level dive certification using 100% oxygen for decompression for air dives to depths of 150 feet. Owned and operated Abyss Dive Charters L.L.C. beginning in 3/98.

U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain
(6/98 - present)

Operator of an Un-Inspected Passenger Vessel or "six pack license", was necessary to operate a vessel for hire in any U.S. waters.

Divemaster PADI
(10/95 - present)

1st professional level with PADI that allows individual to carry liability insurance for assisting with instructional activities and organizing diving trips. Owned 20' Starcraft boat and took other friends to Great Lakes dive sites

Open Water Certification through Rescue Diver PADI, (2/91- present)
Worked on personal dive skills and gained individual experience diving with other charter services in the Great Lakes region.


  Scuba diving is more than a sport.  It is a lifestyle of adventure, mental therapy, and personal freedom.  Capt. Dan    

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