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About Whitefish Point - Map
Located at the top of the Michigan Upper Peninsula near Paradise, Whitefish Point is a wonderful place for those who love SCUBA Diving and the outdoors. The isolated location of this port offers the solitude and charm of a small town with plenty to see and experience.

For history enthusiasts there are several shipwreck and lighthouse museums to visit, including several in Sault Saint Marie, MI. Those interested in natural sights, a visit to the upper and lower Tahquamenon Falls or Pictured Rocks are a short drive away. An hour away at Sault Saint Marie there is gambling, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping.

Activities available near Paradise
  • Blueberry Festival the 3rd weekend in August
  • Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
  • Picture Rocks
  • Oswald's Little Bear Acres
  • Pt. Iroquois Lighthouse & Maritime Museum
  • Taqhuamenon Falls
  • Shopping
  • Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
  • Whitefish Point Lighthouse
  • Soo Locks
  • Freighter Museum (actual freighter moored at Sault Saint Marie)
  • Gambling
  • Canoeing and Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
Diving Conditions
Conditions at this dive destination can be the best in the Great Lakes. Since the wind blows the warmer surface water west in Lake Superior, water temperatures in Whitefish Bay can reach 60-65 degrees at the surface during late July through the end of September. The thermal cline can be as deep as 90 feet during the warmest periods. At depth, temperatures can be between 45 and 55 degrees depending on weather conditions and time of year. Due to the geographic nature of Whitefish Bay, wind and waves can usually be avoided by going either southeast or northwest to put land between the boat and the wind. Most of the shipwrecks are less than 10 miles from port so the diver spends more time in the water and not riding in the boat. Visibility at depth can be 50-60 feet depending on weather conditions. A 30-foot range is almost a guarantee.
Book List
Steve Harrington's Divers Guide to Michigan
Fredrick Stonehouse's Lake Superior's Shipwreck Coast
Chris Kohl's The 100 Best Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Related Web Sites of the Area


Traveler Motel
PO Box 174
Paradise, MI 49768
(906) 492-3364


Note: For camping and other hotel listings see the above websites

Dive Locations
It seems ironic that one of the most notorious stretches of Lake Superior's navigable waters would today provide some of the best recreational diving opportunities in North America. The numerous shipwrecks which have occurred within the boundaries of the Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve offer many uniquely different dive sites of both wood and steel constructed vessels.

These shipwrecks provide safe yet challenging choices for divers of all levels and experience. Dive in crystal-clear waters. The excellent underwater visibility of Lake Superior during the diving season is 30 to 50 feet at a depth of 100 ft. A surface temperature of 60° within Whitefish Bay is normal from July through September. July and August are the best months for diving because the weather is most stable. There are few protected areas in this region of Lake Superior and the nearest U.S. Coast Guard Station is about an hour away so boaters must exercise extreme caution.
Discovered Shipwrecks for Diving and Depths
  • Alex. Nimick - 1907, 15' to 20' deep
  • M M Drake - 1901, wood steamer, 40' to 50' 
  • Sagamore - 1901, whaleback, 45' to 65'
  • Myron -1919, wood steamer, 45' to 55'
  • Miztec - 1921, wood steamer, 45' to 55'
  • Eureka - 1886, wood steamer, 50' to 55'
  • Panther - 1916, wood steamer, 90' to 110'
  • Sadie T. - Wood barge, 80' to 140'
  • Samuel Mather - 1891, wood steamer, 140' to 170'
  • Comet - 1897, wood steamer, 200' to 230'
  • Niagara - 1887, wood schooner, 90' to 100'
  • Indiana - 1858, wood steamer, 100' to 115'
  • Vienna - 1892, wood steamer, 120' to 148'
  • John Mitchell - 1911, steel steamer, 120' to 140'
  • John M. Osborn - Wood steamer, 145' to 165'
  • John B. Cowle - 1909, Steel steamer, 170' to 215'
  • Zillah - 1926 wood steamer, 230' to 250'
  • Superior City - 1920, steel steamer, 190' to 270'
  • Aurania - 420'
  • Edmund Fitzgerald - 1974, 535'

Charter Boat Information
Diver Pickup Location: The public boat launch ½ mile south of Whitefish Point lighthouse
Boat Name: Abyss Diver
Boat Type: 29' 281 Chris Craft w/twin engines
Parking: Public parking next to launch

Departure Times
AM Trips…. Divers need to be loaded and read to leave at 8:00 am
PM Trips…. Divers need to be loaded and read to leave at 1:00 p.m.
Safety Equipment on Board: Emergency Oxygen, first aid kit, flames, dive and hailing flag
Air Fills: Curley's Motel in Paradise, MI
Phone Number: 616-485-7778


  • Restaurants in Paradise don't open before 7:30 a.m. and stop serving early, plan your meals or bring food to the boat to snack.
  • Travel time between Paradise and the boat launch is approximately 15 minutes
  • Air Temperatures tend to be 10-15 degrees cooler than lower Michigan and northern Illinois
  • Cabins that sleep large groups are available (see related web site)
  • Try www.MapQuest.com to find the fastest route to this dive destination



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