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Abyss Dive Charters L.L.C. currently is operating with two boats out of multiple ports around north Michigan. We supply professional and reliable water transportation and dive services for the pursuit of leisure and adventurous SCUBA diving activities in and around the Great Lakes. Our service level is based on the idea that divers want a vacation like atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy their hobby. The goal of our company is to create long-term friendships with all of our customers, and to do that a different approach is needed. Divers can expect extra help with their equipment, assistance getting in and out of the water and knowledgeable staff that have spent hours on each of the different wreck sites.  

The company offers ˝ or full day trips to dive shops or groups, operating within a 10-15 mile radius of the ports listed above. For those who have a specific destination in mind we offer a “targeted Charter" and “Extended Range” trips where we commit to getting to a specific dive site (weather permitting). Targeted and Extended range trips typically last the whole day and are priced as such.

Charters are contracted by the boat to an organizer for the day or weekend.  Individual divers are also welcomed and will be directed to the organization that has contracted the trip for the day(s) requested.


Abyss Dive Charters, L.L.C. has been in business since March 1997 and has become one of the best known dive operators in the Northern Michigan area. St. Ignace, Whitefish Point, Hammond Bay, Presque Isle, Alpena, and Holland are the primary ports we conduct operations.  Other ports may be requested if within our normal seasonal flow.  We start in southern Lake Huron in early summer, work north to Whitefish Point and then down to Southern Lake Michigan in September.


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phone:  616.295.6542

email:   Daniel@AbyssServices.com


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Ada, MI  49301

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  Scuba diving is more than a sport.  It is a lifestyle of adventure, mental therapy, and personal freedom.  Capt. Dan    

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