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Detail Of Our Services

 We provide water transportation at multiple ports in Lower Michigan and Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior.  Standard trips stay within 10- 15 miles from ports. At every port there are 10-15 sites within recreational range. Extended range charters typically stay within the same 10-15 miles from port. For more details, check out the various Michigan Underwater Preserve web sites.

Up Coming events

Boat Show With Great Lakes Dive Locker in Grand Rapids Feb.  12-16

Current deals

Taking bookings for groups and individuals for the 2020 dive season.    Volume and early pay discounts available through April 1, 2020  Contact us now.


  1. Do you allow doubles and re-breathers?    Yes, but the amount of equipment and weight will determine the number of divers for the trip.
  2. Can individual divers join your trips?  Yes.  If we can't include you in an existing booking ,you will be added to an open date .  A minimum of 4 divers is needed to book a 1/2 trip.
  3. How cold is the water where you dive?   July thru Sept. are the warmest water temperatures .   Thermoclines with temperatures of 50-60 degrees can reach depths of over 100 feet 
  4. What is your weather cancellation policy?  Weather is a big factor with diving the Great Lakes.  Trips will be canceled due to strong wind, lightning and wave heights at or above 3 feet.